06 07 2017 Wheels and Structures

New GKN Profi-grip Wheel Eliminates Tyre-to-Rim Slippage

GKN Wheels & Structures has launched an innovative new wheel to its established Profi range, with the new Profi-grip wheel featuring a unique profile, designed to eliminate tyre-to-rim slippage.

Developed specifically to meet the growing demand from ever-larger and more-powerful tractors in the agricultural market, the rim of the new wheel features a strong flange which both minimises rim-shrinkage, and serves to protect the tyre when used at low pressure. The Profi-grip wheel also incorporates GKN’s unique Profi-fit TW design, which allows high-load capacity tyres, with very stiff sidewalls, to be mounted easily and with no risk of tyre damage.

Outlining the thinking behind the new product, Ole Dall, GKN’s Product Manager, Wheels, said: “Tyre slippage has become increasingly problematic over recent years. The combination of larger tractors, increased horse power, larger implement machinery, low inflation pressure with Central Tyre Inflation systems (CTIS), and heavy loads is causing tyre slippage. Tyre manufacturers are developing tyres to run at a low inflation pressure to maximise the footprint and the transfer of power from tractor to soil.
“However, an inevitable consequence of this is that the interaction between the tyre and rim is being compromised, particular when operating in dry soil conditions, with tyre slippage often being the result. The new Profi-Grip rim profile has been developed specifically to address this problem.”

Designed to ETRTO (European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation) standards, the Profi-Grip wheel has been developed to deliver significantly improved contact pressure between the tyre and rim - which not only eliminates slippage, but also makes the fitting of high-load capacity tyres faster and more straightforward and provides enhanced durability. Extensive tests, both on-track and in-field, have confirmed that the rim design completely eliminates tyre slippage.

Kai Brandhofe, Head of Engineering at Claas Xerion said: “The growing need for efficiency in farming sets high demands for agricultural machinery. The Profi-Grip wheel with its stiffer rim flange optimizes the friction between tyre and rim and ensures the transmission of power to the soil. The unique wheel design protects the tyre in field operation, and ensures a smooth tyre mounting process. These features add to long term performance and provide a lower total cost of ownership for the customer.”

For more information, contact the GKN technical support team on +44 (0) 1952 244 321.

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