Drawing on over hundred years’ experience in the manufacture and supply of solutions for the agricultural sector, we work in close partnership with leading OEMs to develop and deliver wheels and structural products that meet the needs of this constantly-evolving market.

Extensive research and development in agritechnical engineering solutions ensures that all our solutions are efficient, safe and enable increased productivity of machinery. As a global supplier, but one that delivers local service, we are committed to investing in state-of-the-art design, manufacturing and test facilities to continue to supply high quality products with a long service-life.


Our innovative Profi-Fit wheel is the perfect solution for low pressure agricultural tyre applications, combining durability with reduced weight and easier tyre fitting. Used extensively to minimise the risk of soil compaction, low pressure tyres typically have stiffer walls, making them more difficult to fit. However, Profi-Fit wheels address this problem, with its rolled-over flange improving rim strength and minimising the risk of tyre damage during installation.

Profi-Fit Wheel Datasheet


The Profi-Flex wheel is a manually-adjustable, variable track wheel which features 16 different track positions, with 15mm between each. This allows a more accurate position to be achieved when planting multiple crops, or moving from field to field, as well as enabling more steering ability and traction to be achieved.

Profi-Flex Wheel Datasheet


Our new Profi-Grip wheels feature a unique profile, developed to eliminate tyre-to-rim slippage. Featuring a strong flange which both minimises rim-shrinkage, and serves to protect the tyre when used at low pressure, the Profi-Grip wheel also incorporates our unique Profi-fit TW design, which allows high-load capacity tyres, with very stiff sidewalls, to be mounted easily and with no risk of tyre damage.

Profi-Grip Wheel Datasheet


Profi-Line wheels are designed specifically for agricultural trailed and other load bearing vehicles, the wheels having been developed to minimise stress on the critical radii by around 40% compared with the traditional rim shape. As a result, fatigue life is more than five times longer. The wheel’s rolled-over flange and double well radius enable it to cope with the increased pressures of heavier loads and longer periods of use.

Profi-Line Wheel Datasheet


Other Wheels

Fixed Wheels comprise two components and deliver excellent strength and performance, even at high loads and speeds. Featuring a fixed welded disc, the wheels are available with the GKN Profi-Fit rim which enables easy tyre demounting in-field.

Fixed wheel

We supply a wide range of wheels from 26" to 46" diameter for both steer and drive positions, developed specifically for the harvester market. The wheels able to handle the toughest requirements, including duel tyre arrangements, with our 42" dual wheel featuring improvements that enhance durability, ease of outer wheel removal and ease of servicing.

Harvester wheel

As a major supplier of wheels for the demanding requirements of the irrigation equipment market, our products are designed to operate in harsh environmental conditions, high humidity and extended exposure to direct sunlight. Capable of carrying loads up to 6,000 lbs, all our wheels benefit from our advanced paint processing technology which applies and electro-coat primer and high quality top coat paint for outstanding corrosion-resistance.

Irrigation wheel

Our sprayer wheel has been developed to withstand the ultimate in high-stress agricultural field applications and is capable of operating with extreme loads and at high speeds. Supplied globally to major agricultural OEMs and integrators, our Sprayer Wheels for row crop sprayers are strong and durable by design.

Sprayer Wheel Datasheet

Sprayer wheel

Hub Systems

Hub Systems

As a leading manufacturer of hubs and spindles, we supply all major manufacturers and OEM suppliers across North America and Europe.

We work closely with our customers to develop hubs that enhance performance by offering innovative, bespoke solutions, drawing on our extensive technical expertise. Our experienced team provides support for our comprehensive product range - from concept, through design, analysis, manufacture and testing.

Hub Systems



GKN Structures is a specialist in the design, development and manufacture of structural assemblies for the automotive and off-highway market, supplying equipment for agriculture, construction, defence, rail and mass transit applications.

Our product range covers full chassis frames, front and rear sub-frames, cross members, suspension arms, control arms, rear non-driven axles, steel and aluminium panels and assemblies and cast aluminium wheels.


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