Research and Design

R&D at GKN Wheels & Structures

R&D at GKN Wheels & Structures

With extensive product research, design and development capabilities, we are committed to continuous product improvement and to the delivery of innovative solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers. Working closely with our OEM partners and tyre manufacturers, our research and design teams are at the forefront of developing products that enhance performance in any application.

Our process

Before committing to any product design work, our research team undertake a thorough and comprehensive study of the requirements of our customers and the machines. Initial designs are then based on extensive knowledge and a thorough understanding of the existing products and their applications. Where required, we then collect and analyse additional data on wheel loads, using either strain gauges or wheel force transducers.


Working closely with our OEM partners and tyre manufacturers, our experienced team of design engineers employs a range of advanced tools and techniques to develop innovative new products that meet the needs of our customers. Using Finite Element and Fatigue Analysis, supported by a comprehensive material database, we create efficient solutions that meet specified performance and durability requirements. Before committing to the manufacture of any parts, we also use advanced analytical models to create high quality solutions in the virtual world.


All our products are validated at one of our world-class, global technical centres, where sustained investment in both laboratory and field testing equipment has created the most advanced, electronically controlled testing systems in the industry, including the capability to quickly test large multi-piece wheels. Only when completely satisfied with test results will volume manufacturing begin, with our Total Quality Management (TQM) techniques ensuring that every wheel matches the requirements of the original specification once designs go into production.


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